• arts in health

    Empower yourself with curated art and wellness experiences designed for a healthier you.


    Using everyday art materials, I facilitate learning and sustaining holistic art techniques and self-care practices for handling life’s stresses.


    Workshops occur virtually or in-person and are fully customized, allowing you to release anxiety and reactivate your focus, while calming your body and mind.


    Meditation - Guided Visualization

    Meditation / Guided Visualization

    Find calm in your own space, using guided meditation and visualization techniques. Adding this as a practice to your daily life has myriad benefits, including better mental health.

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    Learn how to draw, paint, and design to activate focus and awareness for your week ahead. Watch your progress through the weeks as you work with a variety of materials to enhance your overall well-being.

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    Meditative Movement

    Discover how your body can work for you. Learn how various subtle movements promote relaxation, focus and awareness, all from the comfort of your space. Use these methods anytime, anywhere.

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  • Testimonials

    Below are a few of the testimonials from select Arts in Health clients:

    Zoë Lintzeris' Arts In Health Workshops have been a unique and valuable resource for our community treatment/support programs. Zoë's personality, insight, and inclusive, encouraging nature empowers participants to engage in activities and discussions which build their confidence and enhance their perspectives on themselves, others and the world around them.

    ~Lisa, The League for People With Disabilities


    Zoë has worked with our Teen and Young Adult patients virtually through meditation and using art to connect, heal, and express themselves. Zoë has a calm voice and demeanor that makes her group participants feel comfortable and heard. She has been a great addition to our virtual programming and everyone looks forward to her groups each month!

    ~ Peyton, Sinai Hospital, LifeBridge Health


    Grounding, healing and rejuvenating. Zoë Lintzeris’ Selfcare for Solopreneurs workshops are a refreshing spring in the high voltage world of entrepreneurship. She tenderly guides you to repair the torn seam between mind, body and spirit. Each exercise is a unifying exchange that sparks reflection and engages the imagination. Deep introspection is key to my creative practice and Zoë’s sessions have helped me cultivate the inner stillness required to tap into the elusive cache of ideas within.

    ~ Tanya


    Your calm, collected expression definitely rubbed off on me each session as I walked in full of chaos accumulated from the previous week or the day. Building a network from scratch is tough and Tuesday is my busiest day of the week, intentionally (as I try to utilize Martian energy to the fullest on this day) and unintentionally due to the needs of the world and others, so having a period to stop and sit and calm down doing a joyful childhood activity before moving again was beneficial to me. [...] You inspired me to get home art supplies to use when I feel the…inspiration, as well as for my nephew. Watercolor is awesome!

    ~ Devin


    Zoë has been my son's art teacher for almost a year now and he still gets very excited every time a new lesson is about to start. He often wonders what he will create on that day and I have seen his confidence and abilities grow over time.  He now wants to display his work all around the house upon completion and marvels at the work he has made himself. Zoë is a patient, nurturing and instructive guide who opens up the imagination and creativity within her students while helping them realize their artistic potential. I highly recommend Zoë as an instructor to anyone who wants to get creative and put their imagination to work on canvas.

    ~ Jason


    For the past three months I have been working with Zoë Lintzeris, Certified Arts in Health practitioner.  At first my goals were to learn about art creation, techniques and design.  What I received was so much more!  The processes Zoë uses instilled centeredness, clarity and stress release for me, all while creating art.  I highly recommend her.

    ~ Aritee


    Zoë teaches my daughters weekly.  Not only have their art skills improved but their confidence levels have as well.  Zoë has a way of encouraging new art techniques with an abundance of patience and encouragement.  She is incredibly supportive even in a virtual setting.  I highly recommend art classes with Zoë!

    ~ Allison


    My teenage son has been working with Zoë for over two years, and while he has made great progress in his understanding of artistic concepts, he has also developed a deep relationship with Zoë that is based on mutual respect and trust.  It is a true gift to have found someone who cares so deeply about her students, helping to develop them both technically as well as emotionally.  She provides a calming yet firm approach to classes, and that has been so beneficial for my son’s development.  We are so grateful to have found Zoë!

    ~ Natalie


    My daughter was having a difficult time with the social isolation associated with the pandemic. Ms. Zoë Lintzeris taught my daughter skills and strategies that much improved my daughter’s ability to express herself artistically - and this proved very therapeutic for my daughter! 

    ~ Kimberly


    Zoë taught our daughter both in person and over Zoom. She approached every lesson with energy, excitement and creativity, and our daughter looked forward to their sessions weekly. It was especially refreshing that Zoë was able to create a sense of normalcy after the pandemic hit, and our daughter could escape into a world of art even if only for an hour. 

    ~ Jennifer