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    Founded on passion. Creating with care. Worldwide.

    Zoë is a visual artist specializing in painting and photography.


    Founded on her previous work in journalism, her artwork explores the human condition and the emotional psyche within urban and rural environments throughout the world. Love, loss and resistance are key themes within her practice, and her work has been showcased on feature shoot, Silk Road Review: A Literary Crossroads, The Stuttering Foundation, and more. She is a premier artist with Artbean Coffee, and in 2019, she showcased her third conceptual-documentary photo series, "The Maskyoulinity Project", at 56 Ludlow in New York City, marking her third solo show. Her pieces reside in private collections throughout North America and Europe, and have been exhibited in group installations at galleries and creative spaces including Clover’s Fine Art Gallery, Point Green Studios, ArtHelix Gallery, 100 Bogart, Greenpoint Gallery, and 222 Bowery.


    Zoë is also an Arts in Health specialist, and teaches art techniques that unify creativity and wellness in personal sessions and group workshops. She speaks on the intersection of arts and health for panels and seminars, and works with private clients, nonprofits, and healthcare organizations throughout the United States.


    She is developing the world's first Arts in Health residency and retreat space in Greece, and looks forward to serving artists and creatives from all over the world.